Fillings & Flavours

We believe that every cake should taste as delicious as it looks. Our wedding cake recipes focus on the finest organic, Fairtrade and free-range ingredients available. Our commitment to exceptional quality coupled with a refined expertise in traditional baking techniques ensures our cakes are mouth-wateringly moist and infused with rich flavour. To arrange a consultation, please call 020 8241 2177 or complete our contact form.

Cake flavours: Preserves and curds: Fillings:
  • Madagascan vanilla butter sponge
  • Coffee layered with salted caramel
  • Butterscotch banana
  • Dark chocolate sponge – 70% dark chocolate
  • Dark chocolate torte – 70% dark chocolate
  • Coconut and lime
  • Almond infused with clementine syrup
  • Pistachio and cardamom
  • Rich moist carrot cake
  • Smooth red velvet cake
  • Moist fruit cake
  • Green Tea
  • Morello Cherry preserve
  • Strawberry preserve
  • Raspberry preserve
  • Apricot preserve
  • Lemon curd
  • Lime curd
  • Orange curd
  • Salted caramel
  • Swiss meringue buttercream in various flavours
  • Dark chocolate and orange zest
  • White chocolate ganache
  • Dark chocolate ganache
  • Espresso coffee
  • Orange, lime, lemon,lavender and vanilla buttercream
“The BEST cakes I have ever tasted! The flavour sends my taste buds into a frenzy, The texture makes me want to climb inside and the sophisticated and intricate designs are the reason why I recommend Krishanthi here to our Couture Clients” Suzie Turner, Suzie Turner Couture.

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