Adding Some Sparkle

The team at DHG, a family run business, have assisted generations of clients across the world with all of their jewellery needs. From diamond engagement rings to bespoke pieces, fabulous fancy coloured diamonds to costume jewellery; the team may be small but their knowledge and passion are, conversely, very big. 

“When a prospective groom arrives at our workshop I think that he is as interested in the creation of a piece as he is with the idea of marrying his love. It makes me proud to see the excitement on clients’ faces as they can see our teams creating pieces in front of their very eyes – an excitement and passion that we share. Of course, it could be seen as a distraction but it, for me, is a welcome one at that.”


It is this love of their craft, a real joy in what they do, that is apparent when visiting their workshop. The teams consisted of four jewellers, two gemologists as well as Daniel and his father radiate a warm, proudful attitude. 

“I see what we do as a continuation of a long tradition. Whilst what we do is familiar to us, one thing that I do remember is that each client who visits may be completely unfamiliar with the process, what to choose and may be nervous. I really try to understand my clients, their tastes, interests and style in order to help them find the perfect engagement ring. For us, it is not about the whole idea of spending three months worth of salary but about finding something that truly captures their partner and their relationship.”


It is this care that can be seen from both the work being undertaken and the welcome that I received. Arriving in the workshop feels like a step back through time where talent, exceptional material and tradition combine to produce beautiful pieces of jewellery, 

“We aren’t a huge company who will forget your name, who will not be attentive and warm but a smaller one who takes the time to be supportive, to guide our clients and to take them on a very special journey. The very top tip I can offer my clients is to consider the 4cs. The price of diamonds is influenced by what is known as the 4 Cs – Clarity, Cut, Colour and Carat.  It is always a trade off in terms of the 4 Cs and we help each client to understand that if they go for a lower colour grade yet a higher clarity, for example, the diamond can and will still look beautiful. It is very rare that a client will ask for a D FL, the “perfect” diamond and we always work with the ideas and budget of a client.”


What about if you are looking for something very, very different? Well, it seems that DHG can help you with that too. 

As I wander through the workshop, drills and machines still humming of the Hatton Garden jewellers, I can’t help but relate to the philosophy of the business. Much like my own, I too believe in exceptional service, of supporting and assisting a client. Tradition and modernity both meet in the style that I have and, I do believe, that offering a specialist service is far better than trying to do everything.

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